Parents, Are You Paying 222 Percent Too much For Goldfish Crackers?

Children are never too young to learn about finances. Find out how teach them good money habits 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday at projectY in Central Park Square. Courrtesy/iStock


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My kids love Goldfish crackers (and so do I).

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of going down the snack aisle and buying the 1 oz. snack size packets. But two aisles down (which makes it impossible to compare prices) there is a 30 oz. container of the exact same cracker for $8.99.

I ran the numbers with my kids and discovered a few startling facts: with the individual snack packs, each serving is 66 cents while each serving from the big box is 29 cents. If you ate one pack a day for a year you would have to buy 12.16 of the large boxes, and 40.55 of the single serving boxes. That would mean that you would pay $109.32 per kid per year if you buy the big boxes and $242.93 per kid per year with the single serving packs.

The single serving packs are 222 percent more expensive than the bulk. I can save $133.61 per year just if I buy in bulk.

During his financial seminars, Raffi Andonian recommends that parents look for opportunities to talk to their kids about money. And the grocery store is the perfect place to start those conversations.

Parents are invited to join Andonian for a complimentary workshop 6-7:30 p.m., Thursday at projectY cowork Los Alamos, 150 Central Park Square. The workshop is designed to teach parents and grandparents how to talk to their kids about personal finances and turn everyday situations like shopping and doing chores into valuable lessons that can be used throughout the child’s life.    

“Kids learn about money from their parents. It’s amazing how much they’re absorbing, even before they can talk,” said Andonian, who supplied countless age-appropriate ways to introduce financial concepts. “It’s important to start early when kids are receptive.”

The workshop, which is called “Money Talks,” will take place in the conference room of projectY cowork Los Alamos. ProjectY is a new, 2,400 square foot co-work space in Los Alamos for entrepreneurs and solo professionals. Andonian, an insurance professional with an office in Albuquerque, chose the space because it has a fully equipped conference room and a larger lounge area where he will provide childcare for the workshop participants.

The workshop is limited to eight participants, so you must RSVP by calling Andonian at (cell) 505.934.1598 or (office) 505.880.2157. The small group will make it possible for everyone to ask questions and discuss how the ideas can be applied to their individual family situation.

Childcare and light refreshments will be provided.

For more information about the Money Talks seminar, contact Raffi Andonian:

  • Mobile: 505.934.1598
  • Office: 505.880.2157
  • Fax: 505.883.7104
  • Email:
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