Pace Race: Marr and Reedy Tie For Best Predictor

Runners gather on North Mesa for Tuesday’s Pace Race. Photo by Georgia Pedicini
ACRR News:
Duane Marr and Bob Reedy tied for most accurate predictor at 3 seconds off their predicted times at the pace race held Tuesday, Sept. 24 on North Mesa.
Three-year-old Diego Leonard was the top male finisher on the one-mile course with a time of 11:15 and was only 9 seconds off his estimated time. Isolina Leonard and Zach Medin were tied at a 12 second differential and Medin was also the first male finisher in the three-mile distance at 24:48.
Patricia Burnside was the overall one-mile winner recording a 8:04 and Roxana Candia was tops in the three-mile with a 24:04 time.
Next week’s race will start at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1 at the Canyon Rim Trailhead on East Road (N.M. 502) across from the Co+op Market. It will be the Cooper Run and will be the last race of the season. 
For more information, call 672-1639 or visit the Atomic City Road Runners Club’s website:
Runners chat on North Mesa before Tuesday’s Pace Race. Photo by Georgia Pedicini
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