Otowi Station Bookstore Closing its Doors

Otowi Station Bookstore and Museum Shop is closing its doors Oct. 19. Courtesy photo

Staff report

Otowi Station Bookstore and Museum Shop management posted the following statement on Facebook this afternoon that it is closing down:

“Otowi Station will be closing its doors for good on Friday, Oct. 19. Come in tomorrow for 25 percent off everything in the whole store! We have calendars, Buckyballs, Nanoblocks, maps and more! If you see something, snag it! No special orders. No out-of-print orders. Cash or credit cards only. Discounts are limited to the stock on hand. If you want furnishings, equipment or fixtures, we’ll talk.”

Co-owner Peggy Durbin told the Los Alamos Daily Post a few moments ago that she will close the doors to her business at about 3 p.m., Oct. 19.

“It’s a confluence of the downturn in the national economy and the downturn in the local economy and other factors that exist in the face of publishing,” Durbin said.

The store has been in its current location at 1350 Central Ave., since 1993. Durbin and her partner Michelle purchased the store Dec. 1, 2005.

In speaking about her future plans, Durbin said, “I want to see through the closing and do the best we can and then retire and stay in Los Alamos.”

Otowi Bookstore Co-Owner Peggy Durbin with Nobel Laureate in physics Frank Wilczek at the annual conference of the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association. Courtesy photo

Today’s Facebook comments:

Elisa Sabedra: What? : ( So sad. I loved your store though we only discovered it last month.

Deanna Teague: So sad to see this! I absolutely love shopping here!

Mike Westfall: No way! Just kidding, right?

Nancy Partridge: Faint. WHat?? No way. Very, very sad.

Kandy Frame: Sorry to learn the store is closing! I hope you have a nice retirement, I recommend it. Should I warn the cops you’ll be on the loose Peggy?

Jessica Faulkner: NOOO!!! I had no idea you guys were in so much trouble. How can we pull together as a town to save you?

Marion Agnew: Oh Peg–y’all have provided such a great service to your community! Sorry to hear this but I am sure your adventures will continue. Hugs!

Kimberly Selvage: Breaks my heart. Peggy you have done so much for my family and … Well … All of Los Alamos. Thank you for everything!

Kitty Gibbs: Oh no!!!! Sad for sure!!

Heather Ortega: This is awful news.

Jo Karrer Romero: Oh No!! We love you guys, so sad to see this.

Christina Larson: Wait wait a business leaving that everyone loves. How can this be??? Bad economy ??? Just Sayn’

Lisabeth Lueninghoener: Oh! This makes me so sad. I’m sorry we couldn’t keep you open.

Elisa Sabedra: Can I still order some books from you online before you close? My son loved the ones ordered for his bday. We’re in Colorado. I may just have to drive over for a weekend. Such a wonderful bookstore. : (

Charles Eutsler: :'(

Ronald Selvage: Sorry to hear this. Otowi closing is definitely a loss for our community.

Kristy Martin: Mack No! This makes me so sad.

Sally Cassil: Oh, NO! I’m really sad, but I’ll be there tomorrow.

Sandy Partridge: oh no! the store will be missed!!!

Lou Santoro: They sure did a great job for our town. I assume the Internet had something to do with this? Lost our Hallmark store now our own bookstore.


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