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World Futures Institute: Education Revisited – Part Two

Los Alamos World Futures Institute
In Part One of this series we looked at teachers in the classroom, the more traditional practice in education. With technology today, however, one might ask why we cannot do it all online?
Think of all the money that could be saved for society if we could eliminate all of the classroom teachers. Or could we? Plus, if we did it on a national scale, the curriculum could be held constant everywhere. Of course, local knowledge might suffer.
Recently I became aware of a course offering for a one semester English course that provided full high

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British Scientist Left His Mark On The Community

At one point, the future of Ashley Pond was uncertain. Some wanted it filled in and others wanted it to be cleaned out and made into a civic asset. Here, Jim Tuck took a raft out onto the pond to measure depth and other water quality aspects. His efforts helped save the pond. Courtesy/LASL Community News

Jim Tuck. Courtesy/Atomic Heritage Foundation

By Heather McClenahan
Los Alamos Historical Society

One of the more colorful characters of the Manhattan Project and subsequent history of the community of Los Alamos is British physicist Jim Tuck, a pipe-smoking, “get ‘er done” kind of guy who made

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Posts From The Road: London Bridge In Arizona

Bridge Span: The London Bridge spans 930 feet across the Bridgewater Channel in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Photo by Gary Warren/ladailypost.com

Major Attraction: Today the London Bridge is a major tourist destination when visiting Lake Havasu City. Shown is a waterside walkway and some of the development along Bridgewater Channel. Restaurants, shops, a marina and tours are just a few of the many attractions that visitors can enjoy. Photo by Gary Warren/ladailypost.com


Formerly of Los Alamos

 The road to London Bridge travels through Arizona! The bridge

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Fr. Glenn: Learning From Others

By Fr. Glenn Jones

An interesting—and edifying—evening.

Here in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe—as in many other dioceses around the U.S.—we have quite a number of non-native-born priests—from Vietnam, Mexico and Latin America, Spain, and Africa, to name just a few places of origin (not even to mention myself, originally from Texas, which sort of counts. And, by the way: I ain’t got no accent; it’s y’all that talk funny! 😉

Anyway … I attended a dinner hosted by our Nigerian priests the other evening, and a most enjoyable evening it was. It wasn’t so much the food they had prepared (though it was quite

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Letter To The Editor: ‘For The Animals’ Says Thanks!

For the Animals

My sincere thanks on behalf of “For the Animals” to everyone who helped us participate in the L.A. Small Business activities this past two weeks.

For the Animals is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization formed to receive donations to be used for the benefit of the Los Alamos County Shelter animals.

Kris Frain, Aimee Nu, Peggy Sullivan, Lucy Torres, Amy Elder, Hannah Hollowell and Michael Frain volunteered to load and unload vehicles and set up and watch the donation tables and they are greatly appreciated.

We profusely thank all the many, many people who

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Wiemann: Is Market Timing Smart Investment Strategy?

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
You may have heard that timing is everything. And in many walks of life, that may be true – but not necessarily when it comes to investing.
To understand why this is so, let’s look at three common mistakes investors make:
  • Selling investments and moving to cash when stocks are predicted to drop – If you follow the financial news on cable TV or the internet, you’re eventually bound to discover some “experts” who are predicting imminent, huge drops in the stock market. And on rare occasions, they may be right – but often they’re not. And if

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