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Ledoux: Exploring Mysteries Of Living – More Fictitious Causes

Los Alamos member of The International Behaviorology Institute

Why these columns? Because human behavior causes global problems and solving these problems requires changes in human behavior. So everyone needs to know something about the natural science of human behavior.

Understanding, and being able to spot, a range of fictional explanations for behavior provides a skill. The use of this skill prevents analysis errors when trying to understand the causes of behaviors, including problem behaviors, from local to global. So here we consider some more types of explanatory

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The Day Before Christmas…

Los Alamos 
A tribute to my sister who is a writer:

T’was the day before Christmas,

I didn’t want to get up.

But the dog licked my face

As if “Hey, what’s up?”

I put on my pants, and my socks with great care,

Then tripped on the carpet and fell down the stair.

The tree was dressed up with tinsel and bling,

But the cat got into it and tore down the whole thing.

I went to the kitchen to see what was the matter,

But I knocked over the turkey and it hit the floor with a splatter.

“Oh Donner, oh Blitzer” I yelled out of fright,

Christmas is ruined. I’m going back to bed. Good night!


I looked

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McQuiston: New Car Coverage – What To Know Before You Buy

The Jemez Agency

Does the New Year mean a new car for you? Boy, wouldn’t that be nice to purchase the latest and greatest model this year? Or, maybe you have a newly licensed driver that is in need of wheels?

Whether you are replacing an existing vehicle or adding another vehicle to your household, it’s very important to be cognizant of how these two scenarios affect your insurance coverage.

First of all, it’s very important to have an existing personal auto policy in force when shopping for a car. With an active personal auto policy, there will be some amount of automatic coverage

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How The Hen House Turns: Birds In A Mixed Flock

Bobbi the Chinese goose, left, being mothered by Lucy the Embden goose. Photo by Cary Neeper
Formerly of Los Alamos
One of our most poignant memories of Los Alamos is the vision of Lucy Goose sitting outside the Hen House yard, watching two chicken chicks play over and around their adoptive mother, Turkey 2.
We called her “Little Bear” because she survived a bear attack on the bomb proof nest boxes Don built.
It was the spring of 2014 when Turkey’s vigil ended. In just a few weeks the chicks had grown up enough to run around exploring the Hen House yard by themselves.

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Fr. Glenn: In, But Not Of

By Fr. Glenn Jones

Ahhh … ‘tis the season. 

Yes … we see riots here, protests there, strife everywhere. Impeachments. Invectives. Insults. Anti-social media. Even people getting beaten over chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets (really!? Over chicken … or, rather, a chicken-like substance?) Fragmentation. Chaos.

But then … a relative calm descends … at least for a few days. Is it the weather? The solstice? Everybody going on holiday? Or, just maybe … the feeling of the season permeates hearts a teensy bit. We can only hope … and pray. After all, Jesus is called “Prince of Peace.”

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McQuiston: Smart Home Technology – Friend or Foe?

The Jemez Agency

Anyone buying any cool tech gifts for themselves or for loved ones this holiday season?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to “smart” devices that are available for you and your home.

These devices range from smart plugs and smart appliances to smart doorbells that allow you to see a live video of your front porch from your phone when the doorbell rings. But, with every new tech invention, there are always pros and cons. So, what are some of the pros and cons of smart home technology?

Convenience: Technology makes life easier, so it’s no surprise that convenience

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