Operation Hilltopper: Active Shooter Loose at School


Emergency first response organizations in Los Alamos County have for the past year been training personnel, polishing plans and tweaking equipment in a comprehensive effort aimed at preparing to deal with a scenario that nobody hopes will ever arise – an active shooter loose at a school. 

Operation Hilltopper, scheduled to commence at 8 a.m. Monday, Oct. 8, is a full-scale exercise designed to test police, fire, emergency medical support, Los Alamos Medical Center and Los Alamos High School personnel and their abilities to adequately respond to just such an event. 

Toward that end, the Los Alamos County Office of Emergency Management is letting residents living in the vicinity of Los Alamos High School know that on the day of the exercise, they will see a significant number of emergency vehicles around the high school and the hospital. 

In addition, observers are likely to hear gunshots (only blanks, no live ammunition will be used) and even the screams of actors portraying victims.

We would also like to give residents an advanced heads-up regarding possible traffic delays, especially at the Canyon/Diamond intersection while this exercise is taking place from 8 a.m. to noon.

Finally, Los Alamos County government wishes to thank the citizens of this County for their support and patience.

Planning and preparation for disasters has paid big dividends for our community. 

Public safety is ALWAYS our top priority, and events such as Operation Hilltopper feature prominently in our ability to respond to an emergency. Thank you!

Interested viewers are welcome to observe this event; however they must remain behind the yellow caution tape.

Questions? Call our office at 663-3511


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