One Of LA’s Finest Ofc. David Boe Assisting Residents

Los Alamos Police Ofc. David Boe is spotted assisting a couple of residents dealing with a dead battery this afternoon after exiting Pig+Fig Cafe in White Rock. Photo by Tom Hill

Los Alamos

A couple of Los Alamos citizens were dealing with a dead battery upon exiting Pig+Fig Cafe this afternoon. It required some tools to access the battery. Stepping into the breech was Ofc. David Boe, one of the very finest on the Los Alamos Police Department (LAPD) Force. After a jump start, they were on their way in fine fettle.

Ofc. Boe is a regular at Pig+Fig, where I’ve known him for almost 10 years. No doughnuts for this cop! It’s a pleasure to observe him in Pig+Fig as he greets and interacts with Los Alamos citizens. Especially the kids.

We in Los Alamos are fortunate to have him on the Force. A Force that has a lot of such extraordinary officers. The Los Alamos Police Force is truly the finest.

Alas, Friday will be David’s last day on the Force. He will be retiring and moving to Rio Rancho. He will leave behind some big shoes to fill.

If you see him at Pig+Fig be sure to thank him for his year’s of service to us here in Los Alamos. I, for one, will sorely miss David.

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