On The Job In Los Alamos: Tyler Regele At Ashley Pond

On the job in Los Alamos Saturday with young entrepreneur Tyler Regele, 12, as he demonstrates his mask sprays to  deodorize masks between washings. Regele suggests using the sprays at arm’s length with 3 short spritz and a couple of waves in the air to dry the mask and the mask is ready to go. Regele, a student at Aspen Elementary School created the sprays after his father challenged him to observe his environment and be creative. Regele offers three fragrances, Lemon, Peppermint and Rosemary. The sprays are made from Witch Hazel, distilled water and essential oils and available for $5 each. To order, call 303.898.0246. Photo by Jenn Bartram ladailypost.com