On The Job In Los Alamos: Sgt. Robin Hopkins

On the job in Los Alamos is Sgt. Robin Hopkins giving a presentation during a recent meeting of the Los Alamos Public Safety Association held at UNM-LA. Sgt. Hopkins was a deputy sheriff in 2015 at the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office when a call came over the radio about a suspect with a stolen police car armed with and shooting an AK-47 assault rifle. She answered the call and put herself directly in the line of fire by attempting to block the suspect. He opened fired at her vehicle as she approached. One of the shots found its way into her leg, shattering her left femur and femoral artery. Sgt. Hopkins was determined to not give up and continued working toward her goal of staying on the job. #worklosalamos #wherediscoveriesaremade. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com