On Horizon: First Organic Solid Waste Powered Community

Artist Taylor Baldry created this Save the Waste watercolor for the PLACE efforts. Courtesy/PLACE


PLACE, which gave presentations in Los Alamos over the last couple of years is now closer than ever to building the world’s first community powered by organic solid waste. 

Imagine homes, makers’ spaces, and businesses being powered in a closed-loop system: waste makes power, community makes waste, which makes more power, and so on. No other municipality is using its organic waste in this way.

This first E-Generation project has the potential to truly change the world. When cities see that this can be done in an urban environment, we believe that this strategy will be adopted everywhere. Imagine the impact: diverting hundreds of tons of waste from landfills, lessening our dependence on fossil fuels, and growing healthy produce right within a community.

It’s possible to have this vision up and running in Minneapolis by May 2014 and to help raise the remaining funds for the project, PLACE has launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo called #SaveTheWaste! and is asking the public to contribute as well as spread the word about the project. For information, click here.

PLACE is a nonprofit, known for creating cutting-edge sustainable communities for the arts and economic development.