Obituary: Vito Peter Pizzuto Sept. 22, 1922 – July 15, 2016

VITO PETER PIZZUTO Sept. 22, 1922 – July 15, 2016

Vito Peter Pizzuto, 93, died July 15, 2016. Vito was born in Rockford, Illinois and was the only child of Sicilian immigrant parents. He worked many jobs while growing up to help support a poor family. His first full time job was as a tool and die maker for the Barber Colman Company. He then married his long time sweetheart, Helen Mitkusevitch, who was the greatest love of his life for over 71 years.

He was then drafted into the Army during WWII, was stationed in Okinawa where he rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant. In 1952, he accepted a job as a tool and die maker at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico to support the cold war effort. He was promoted to Machining Supervisor and then to Quality Acceptance Supervisor. He worked at the lab for 22 years before retiring and returning home to Rockford. During his stay in Los Alamos, he was a member of the light opera where he enjoyed singing in their stage productions. His favorite was his lead role in the production of ”Showboat”.

He was also an active member in the Knights of Columbus. Shortly after his return to Rockford, he went back to work, for Sundstrand Corp. He was sent to Italy to provide special assistance for designing a first of its kind machine tool for the Morando Corp. He was awarded a gold medal for his service and contribution to the successful project by the General Manager of Morando. He was then transferred to Denver, Colorado where he was promoted to Plant Manager for Facility Engineering and Maintenance.

When he retired from Sundstrand he continued to live in Denver until his passing in July. He is survived by his loving wife Helen, and his three children Michael, Christina and Victor, all whom remain in the Denver area. Vito was an honest, hard-working man who loved his family and friends very much and always put their welfare ahead of his own.

May God bless him and take him into His arms.