Obituary: Dr. Dale Arnink Nov. 3, 2021

Dr. DALE ARNINK Nov. 3, 2021

Dr. Dale Arnink, on November 3, 2021, passed away peacefully and quietly, with friends and family around him, at approximately 7:30 pm.

Dale, a friend, and father, teacher, philosopher, and minister of the Unitarian Universalists Church, will undoubtedly be a presence sorely missed by those whose lives he touched. His instinctual ability to put people at ease, to both feel and believe that they mattered and what they had to say was important, was a touch of grace.

Dale is survived by his sons Brian, Craig, Scott Arnink, and his eight grandchildren, Isaiah, Kyla, Kellen, Leland, Cade, Ethan, and Sidney.

Dale will be cremated, his remains, to be scattered with his wife & heart, Eva, who passed 12 years ago.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic still a prevalent threat, the safety concerns surrounding gatherings of nigh any size must diligently be considered as we adapt to the new protocols as well as logistics that will inevitably be requisite. It has therefore been decided that to ere on caution’s side, will be the most sagacious ways of handling this for the time being.

However, the hope of a true memorial event will be one held most high. In an effort to have the details of such easily added to your ken, there will be information and updates obtainable via the Unitarian Universalist Church of Los Alamos, either by calling or visiting their website, either of which should be readily available to you via a web search.

The family of Dr. Dale Arnink have entrusted the care of their loved one to DeVargas Funeral Home & Crematory of the Espanola Valley 505-505-747-7477

Dr. Dale Arnink. Courtesy photo