Obituary: David Lawrence Paul April 14, 1939 – Aug. 4, 2022

DAVID LAWRENCE PAUL April 14, 1939 – Aug. 4, 2022

David Lawrence Paul passed away in the Sombrillo Assisted Living Center Aug. 4, 2022. 

He was born April 14, 1939, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to Col. Franklin Kendall Paul (U.S. Air Force) and Mrs. Alice Hill Paul.

He is survived by his older brother Charles Kendall Paul in Boerne, Texas. His younger brother Richard Alan Paul passed away in 2018 in a veteran’s home in Yountville, California.

David and the family lived on a base near Middletown, Pennsylvania, while their dad was at war. Upon his return, the family moved and lived in several bases in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. The family moved to Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1954, where David’s perspective on life dramatically expanded, and where he graduated from H.H. Arnold High School in 1957. The family returned that year to the United States where David enrolled in the University of Maryland. After attending several universities during the 1960s, David earned a Ph.D. in philosophy.

Most of David’s career was spent teaching philosophy and English to military personnel assigned to the south Pacific. He spent over 20 years teaching in Japan, Korea, and other Far East countries having U.S. military bases. David was a contractor professor with the University of Maryland Far East Division.  Always capable with complicated subjects, David taught himself computer science and languages, as well as Mathematics, to make his teaching more relevant to the missions of the U.S. military.

David retired in 2007 and lived for two years with his brother Charles and wife Carolyn in Taos, New Mexico. He had a major stroke in 2009 and was admitted the first time to Sombrillo in Los Alamos. He recovered well enough to move to an apartment in Los Alamos, where he lived until 2021 when his health began to deteriorate again. He spent his last year at Sombrillo where he had another major stroke and a week later passed away.

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