Oak Ridge 3 Peace Protesters Headline Awards Ceremony On Capitol Hill

TAKOMA PARK, Md.,  Peace protesters Megan Rice, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed are among those to be honored at this year’s Nuclear-Free Future Awards in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Nuclear-Free Future Award Foundation (NFFAF).
The Nuclear-Free Future Awards are given annually to individuals who, through courage, integrity and conviction, have acted to rid the world of uranium mining, nuclear power and nuclear weapons.
This year’s Nuclear-Free Future Award ceremony is Wednesday, Oct. 28, in the Rayburn House Office Building of the U.S. House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.
The honorary co-hosts of the evening are Sen. Edward J. Markey, D-MA, Rep. Jim P. McGovern, D-MA, and Rep. Barbara Lee, D-CA.
In an act of passive civil disobedience, Rice, Walli and Boertje-Obed broke into the Y-12 U.S. nuclear weapons complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn. They were arrested on site, tried, imprisoned and eventually released and will be honored with the Nuclear-Free Future Award for “Resistance.”
Seven-time Grammy award-winning saxophonist Paul Winter, and composer and musician David Amram, winner of the 2012 Pete and Toshi Seeger Power of Song Award, will provide the musical entertainment. 
Additional 2015 Nuclear-Free Future Award winners:
Cornelia Hesse-Honegger (Education)
Her work illustrates deformities and mutations in the insect realm caused by exposure to radiation from nuclear power accidents and radioactive releases.   
The Honorable Tony deBrum (Solutions)
As Foreign Secretary of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the site of 67 Cold War atomic tests, and already being impacted by rising seas. Minister deBrum is leading global initiatives to eliminate nuclear weapons and reverse climate change.  
Ambassador Alexander Kmentt (Special Recognition)
As Austria’s Director of Arms Control, Nonproliferation and Disarmament at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has been instrumental in Austria’s international leadership in demanding the nuclear weapons nations fully disarm their nuclear arsenals and for a global ban on nuclear weapons.
Cree Youth of Mistissini (Special Recognition)
Youth members of the Mistissini Cree First Nation in Quebec Province, Canada, led a successful campaign to ban uranium exploration, mining and waste storage on their land in Northern Quebec.
The annual Nuclear-Free Future Award is sponsored by the Nuclear-Free Future Award Foundation in Germany and has been presented annually since 1998. Local Washington, D.C. hosts are Beyond Nuclear and Green Cross International.