November Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

SANTA FE National Native American Heritage Month is a celebration of the contributions of the First Americans. 
November is a time to honor the 19 pueblos, 3 apache tribes, and the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and the 573 federally recognized tribal nations across the country.
The month of November is also a time to celebrate our rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories. Heritage month is a time to educate the public about our tribes and the unique challenges that Native people have faced throughout the centuries. Despite centuries of discrimination, our country’s Native American cultures and tribal nations have endured. Tribal governments and Native communities have made monumental progress over the past century, while maintaining unique languages and cultures.
We must also take this time to recognize and bear witness to the challenges that Indigenous People face. Issues like the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women, preservation of natural resources, the need to support and improve health and education outcomes in our native communities, and the struggle to preserve, revitalize and restore our native languages are all challenges that continue to affect our tribal communities today.
“As the Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department, I have met with all 23 of our tribal leaders to discuss the needs of Indian Country. We have much work to do to address disparities and empower all Native Americans,” said Cabinet Secretary Lynn Trujillo. “As we honor the achievements and resilience of our people, I will continue working to ensure that our Native American communities continue to be healthy and prosperous and that our traditional ways of life are honored, valued and respected.”