North Mesa Vibram Birdie Bash May 17


The North Mesa Vibram Birdie Bash is set for May 17 at the North Mesa Picnic Grounds in Los Alamos. Come one, come all … We are bringing Disc Golf fun to Los Alamos.

Join us in the first ever North Mesa Vibram Birdie Bash. This is a fun-based tournament intended for all ages. You get the discs you need to play just by registering and the $30 entry includes a sweet player pack.

There will be male and female divisions. Everyone has a chance to win.

Event sponsored by LOS ALAMOS DISC GOLF.

Checkin Time: 8 a.m.

Player’s Meeting: 9:30 a.m.

Average Hole Length: Less than 250 ft.

Registration deadline is May 11, so hurry!

Register here:


 A Birdie Bash is a good time!

Here are the basic rules for the Vibram Birdie Bash:

 – Using only the 2 discs that you get in your players pack (you get to choose them at registration)

 – To Score Points, throw one of the following:

  • Ace/Eagle (hole in one): 5 points

  • Birdie (one under par): 2 points

  • Metal Hit: 1 point 

  • If no points are scored on a hole, the player who’s disc is closest to the pin after everyone in your group throws two throws earns a point.

How long is a Vibram Birdie Bash? 

It is two rounds and you will be shooting a limited number of shots per hole (usually just 2 or 3 shots). We estimate round one will take 1.5 to 2 hours, allow 1 hour for lunch and another 1.5 to 2 hours for round 2. If the event starts at 10 a.m., it will probably be done around 3 p.m. or so.

What Kind of Prizes Can I win?

  • Two Champions Discs (top scoring man and woman)

  • One Spirit Award Disc

  • 2nd Round Card Prize: A VBB Sling Backpack

  • CTPs (if you want to sponsor a CTP, contact the TD)

What does it cost to join in the Vibram Birdie Bash?

 – $30 gets you the following:

  • Two Rounds

  • Two Vibram discs OF YOUR CHOICE!

  • One Shirt (S-XXXL)

  • Birdies or better to earn points

To sponsor the event or volunteer, email for more information.


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