NNSA: Officials Forced To Implement Tighter Traffic Controls On NM 502 Due To Dangerous Drivers


NNSA News:

Dangerous driving by commuters ignoring road construction safety notices have forced officials to take another step to address erratic driving behavior.

State and federal officials have agreed to take whatever measures are necessary, including narrowing width of the traffic lanes along N.M 502 and further reducing the speed limit, in order to give commuters safe passage home and to work. Reports of drivers using closed roads, driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic and illegal passing are just some of the many violations reported since road construction began in June.

Again, commuters are urged to drive safely and practice patience. Traffic patterns for this week will not dramatically change but will require attention.

Westbound NM 502 morning traffic will have two lanes beginning near the Totavi gas station. Commuters leaving Los Alamos County will have one eastbound lane to travel.

Eastbound N.M. 502 afternoon traffic will continue as follows:

  • N.M. 4 from White Rock/truck route will use the N.M. 502 eastbound outside lane.
  • Main Hill traffic from Los Alamos will switch to the left side of the barrier – the inside lane and remain in that configuration through the detour.

Westbound N.M. 502 afternoon commuters returning to Los Alamos County will be detoured to the outside westbound lane.

The N.M. 4 single-lane hairpin on-ramp at the Y interchange (shown in blue on map) that takes drivers north onto Main Hill / N.M. 502 will be closed 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday through Aug. 15. Drivers must seek alternative routes during this time.

Work on N.M. 502 will continue for about five more weeks, unless safety concerns force a pause in operations. Drivers should use extreme caution and reduce their speeds to posted speed limits to avoid impacts with the concrete barriers and oncoming traffic.

Drivers are cautioned also to be aware of an unrelated NMDOT construction activity taking place on N.M. 502 at the Otowi Bridge over the Rio Grande River. Go to http://www.nmroads.com/mapIndex.html for additional information related to this work. First click on the icon for road work over the Rio Grande on N.M. 502, then click the on button.

Questions or concerns about the project can be directed to seproadwork@nnsa.doe.gov.