NNSA Addresses Legacy Waste Materials On DP Road

NNSA News:

This afternoon a National Nuclear Security Administration spokesperson addresses the situation regarding the recent discovery of legacy waste materials on DP Road.

The spokesperson explained that at the request of Los Alamos County, NNSA’s Radiological Assistance Program Team responded Thursday, Feb. 20, to a Los Alamos County-owned tract of land on DP Road to evaluate legacy materials that were unearthed Friday, Feb. 14.

A contractor for the County was digging on land transferred in January 2018 to the County from the Department of Energy. During excavation, the contractor found some metal objects and called the County’s hazardous materials team. The spokesperson said that the team responded to the site to begin gathering information.

“Analysis of samples near the dig indicate uranium- and plutonium-contaminated materials at levels that do not pose a public health risk,” the spokesperson said. “Entry to the area is restricted and signs are posted designating the site as radiologically controlled. Since coming onto the scene to provide assistance, we have worked with the County to control access to the area and are continuing our assessment. There is no public health risk related to this event. Plastic tarps cover the areas to stabilize the soil and materials while analysis continues. As an additional precautionary measure, we have re-activated a nearby air monitor and will install additional monitoring equipment.”


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