NNMC Awarded NIH BUILD Grant; Partners With UTEP

NNMC News:
ESPANOLA  Northern New Mexico College has been awarded a National Institutes of Health grant in partnership with University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) to offer students biomedical research opportunities in the field of neurophysiology — the study of how the nervous system functions. 

The funding will allow for laboratory training, mentoring and professional development, as well as housing and travel to study with fellow students and faculty at UTEP.

Students will learn core concepts using hands-on techniques in a rich science environment, and gain the critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills required to solve advanced problems and prepare for independent research projects.
“Northern faculty are doing a phenomenal job introducing undergraduate students to research,” Dr. Ulises Ricoy, Northern Biology Faulty and director for the grant said. “This project will now allow our students to work closely with their counterparts in UTEP, exposing them to graduate school opportunities.”
Ricoy will be joined by Northern Mathematics Chair, Dr. David Torres and Dr. Eddie Castaneda of UTEP to teach the course.
Last year Northern received support from the Grass Foundation to acquire the simple virtual software tutorial and basic equipment, Neurons in Action and Backyard Brains.
The NIH BUILD award further expands on students’ ability to study and explore the inner workings of the brain and nervous system.