NMSP Arrest Suspect For Exploitation Of Children

Daryl Harlan Thomas
NMSP News:
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES In September of 2018, the New Mexico State Police Investigation Bureau followed up on a Cyber Tip regarding child pornography.  
The Cyber Tip came from the online dating application Tumblr. A photograph that was downloaded and attached on their application was considered child pornography.
Through an extensive investigation, NMSP Investigations Bureau agents learned the IP address came back to a residence in T or C, which was being used by Daryl Harlan Thomas, 18. Agents from the State Police Investigation Bureau in conjunction with Special Agents from the Attorney General’s ICAC task force executed a search warrant on several houses Daryl resided in. Several electronic devices were seized from those houses and taken as evidence.
NMSP arrested Thomas Dec. 20 in Silver City without incident. He was booked into the Grant County Detention Center.

Thomas was charged with the following:

  • Sexual Exploitation of Children 30-6A-3(E) 2nd Degree Felony- Manufacture or Copying; and
  • Sexual Exploitation of Children 30-6A-3(C) 3rd Degree Felony-Distribution.

No other information is available.

Sexual Exploitation of Children 30-6A-3(A) 4th Degree Felony-Possession