NMGF: Raffle For Gould’s Turkey Enhancement Licenses

New Mexico Game and Fish will raffle a permit to hunt one Gould’s gobbler. Courtesy/SFGC

NMGF News:

One authorization to hunt Gould’s turkey will be raffled by the New Mexico Game and Fish Department (NMGF) with the assistance of the New Mexico National Wild Turkey Federation.

The winner will receive a permit to hunt one Gould’s gobbler, as well as a spring turkey license with two tags for open units.

Tickets must be purchased on or before March 13, 2021.

2021 Gould’s Turkey Raffle

All proceeds from enhancement hunts are used solely for habitat enhancement, conservation, research and management projects in New Mexico for the species raffled.

Authorizations may be used either by the recipient or any individual of the recipient’s choice through sale, barter or gift.