NMEDD Launches Of Innovation Voucher Program

SANTA FE Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel and the Technology Research Collaborative have announced the launch of the Innovation Voucher Program.
This competitive grant is designed to enable early stage science and technology companies, in New Mexico, to receive small amounts of funding to help offset costs during critical moments of company growth.
“This program continues to move New Mexico forward as a leader in technology ventures,” Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel said. “This investment strengthens our commitment to building a healthier economy and helping our homegrown companies succeed.”
The Innovation Voucher Program will provide small amounts of funding at critical moments during company growth. These funds can be used to offset costs for services offered by New Mexico’s entrepreneurial assets allowing companies to focus on and achieve strategic business development goals. The Innovation Voucher program leverages New Mexico’s growing science and technology entrepreneurial ecosystem to diversify New Mexico’s economy. 
The program is available to science and technology startups affiliated with a New Mexico incubator or accelerator program. Each company can receive 1 award per year and no more than 3 awards over 5 years. Awards are capped at $2,000. Applications and should be submitted to the Manager of the Office of Science and Technology, Julia Wise.
To find out more, you can attend the Innovation Voucher Townhall being held at 11 a.m. Sept. 28, at Team Technologies, in Albuquerque.