NMEDD: Job Training Funds Approved For 165 New Jobs


SANTA FE — The New Mexico Economic Development Department Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) board has approved funding for 20 New Mexico companies to train 104 new employees and 24 interns, for a total of $2.5 million in May.

JTIP awarded $1.4 million to nine companies in March for an additional 61 trainees and 1 intern, Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes said Tuesday.

The average hourly wage for the May jobs is $31.01 with positions ranging from $17 an hour to $61 an hour.

“These companies offer careers in robotics, artificial intelligence, aeronautics medical research and more. This is economic development we need as we diversify into high-tech, high-paying jobs for New Mexicans, and it comes at a time when job expansion could not be more critical,” Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said. 

“The job training awards demonstrate that New Mexico is becoming an even more attractive place where companies want to relocate and expand — and with that bring high-paying jobs,” said Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes of the Economic Development Department. “These incentives we can offer and others are vital right now so businesses can move past this uncertainty and into a period of sustained recovery.”


Actoprobe, LLC, Albuquerque (1 trainee and 2 interns), has patented technology that enables fast and affordable single-molecule spectroscopy and microscopy for scientific and industrial research needs. Award Amount: $33,797; Average wage: $30.93 for trainee and $19 for interns

Advanced Network Management, Inc., Albuquerque (10 trainees and 6 interns), has been growing rapidly in the areas of IT outsourcing or application management with a planned growth of 100% in New Mexico over the next year. Award Amount: $197,677 Average wage: $26.77 for trainees and $17 for interns

Affordable Solar Installation, Inc, Albuquerque (2 trainees), continues to grow in both the residential, light commercial, industrial, and utility sectors at a remarkable rate. The company has just been awarded numerous large-scale commercial projects and will be hiring at all levels to support the company’s growth. Average salary for trainees is $30.68. Award Amount: $33,212; Average wage: $30.68 for trainees

The Boeing Company, Albuquerque (2 trainees), amended application. Award Amount: $52,595; Average wage: $45.98 for trainees

Build With Robots, LLC, Albuquerque (12 trainees and 2 interns), located inside CNM’s FUSE Marketplace, showcases automation and robotic solutions. The company is targeting under-automated industries to help increase worker productivity, quality, and satisfaction. Award Amount: $344,110; Average wage: $48.54 for trainees and $22 for interns

EAGL Technology, LLC, Albuquerque (4 trainees), manufactures gunshot detection and lockdown systems for schools, hospitals, medical clinics, convenience stores, business and commercial offices, law enforcement operations, and others. Award Amount: $83,720; Average wage: $37.50 for trainees

General Airframe Support, Inc., Roswell (16 trainees), relocated to Roswell from Arizona in 2013. General Airframe Support is an Aviation Supplier Association (ASA) accredited distributor of aircraft parts and accredited by Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) in the disassembly and recycling of aircraft. Award Amount: $209,666; Average wage: $20.88

GoLightly Cashmere, LLC, Santa Fe (4 trainees), has two stores (Santa Fe and Taos) called Chocolate + Cashmere. They recently expanded their business into a renovated 5,900 square foot production facility. The trainee’s average wage is $19.63. Award Amount: $29,720; Average wage: $19.63 for trainees

Indica Labs, Inc, Albuquerque (12 trainees and 5 interns), founded in Corrales, the company provides solutions that streamline the image analysis workflow for digital pathology, including HALO and HALO AI, used for whole-slide quantification in areas such as oncology, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, metabolism, respiratory, and toxicological pathology. Award Amount: $266,771; Average wage: $34.78 for trainees and $22.12 for interns

Kairos Power, LLC, Albuquerquem (2 trainees), amended application. Award Amount: $70,007 Average wage: $61.20 for trainees

KiloNewton, LLC, Albuquerque (3 trainees and 1 intern), provides a mixture of consulting and software R&D, primarily focused on the optimization of large-scale solar, wind, and renewable technology. Award Amount: $68,576 Average wage: $36.12 for trainees and $17.50 for interns

LoadPath, LLC, Albuquerque (6 trainees), delivers mechanical, structural, and thermal technologies for satellite and space launch applications. Award Amount: $168,560; Average wage: $48.75

New Mexico Hemp Services, LLC, Santa Rosa (12 trainees), plans to be a fully vertically integrated hemp operation. The company will provide farmers with all their needs associated with the development and expansion of the hemp industry. Award Amount: $196,887; Average wage: $21.67 for trainees

Next State Systems, LLC, Albuquerque (2 trainees), provides advanced embedded systems design and prototype manufacturing for products that typically consist of custom electronics, firmware, and software. Award Amount: $54,196; Average wage: $46.50 for trainees

Parting Stone, LLC, Santa Fe (9 trainees), created an option for cremated remains after the death of a loved one, by offering solidified remains. The company is growing rapidly to keep up with industry demand. Award Amount: $76,084. Average wage: $19.36 for trainees

Red Mountain Arsenal, LLC, Roswell (8 trainees), is an ammunition manufacturing company that focuses on delivering high quality products to domestic and foreign governments, law enforcement, domestic training organizations, and commercial customers. They lease a 8,775 square foot building from the City of Roswell, located within the Roswell International Air Center, built exclusively for the manufacture of explosive materials. Award Amount: $106,082; Average wage: $19.50 for trainees

SavantX, Santa Fem(5 trainees), focuses on solving real-world problems through smart AI and autonomous, higher dimensional MI. The company is now moving into quantum computing development. Over the next 10 years at the Santa Fe research facility, the company intends to have 128 employees. Award Amount: $152,930 Average wage: $54.00 for trainees

Sceye, Inc., Moriarty (7 trainees and 1 intern), has developed airships made from a new, super-light, and uniquely tough fabric, powered by a clean, ultra-efficient solar energy system. The fleet will carry a large payload of cameras, sensors, hyper-spectral imaging, radar, and communications equipment. Award Amount: $210,872.72; Average wage: $36.13 for trainees and $17.80 for the intern

The Verdes Foundation, Albuquerque (1 trainee), is a nonprofit organization and one of the longest operating production an dispensaries in New Mexico. They have a large variety of value-added products and work closely with the NM Dept. of Health to meet all quality and regulatory requirements. The trainee salary is $16. Award Amount: $6,120; Average wage: $16.00 for trainee

X2nSAT, Inc, Las Cruces (8 trainees and 7 interns), is a full-service satellite network operator, at the forefront of satellite communications technology for the past 20 years. They specialize in the needs of individual industries, and specific regulatory requirements for healthcare, utilities, oil and gas, enterprise, retail, distribution, telecommunications, and maritime. Award Amount: $141,570; Average wage: $25.13 for trainees and $18.14 for interns

March JTIP:

Apple Canyon Gourmet, Inc., Albuquerque (3 trainees), manufactures New Mexico specialty foods. This is their first JTIP application. Award Amount: $38,328; Average wage: $24.77

The Boeing Company, Albuquerque (7 trainees), is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems. Over the next several years the company will create 80 new jobs within the Albuquerque unit. Award Amount: $153,283; Average wage: $40.08.

Family Hemp Brands, LLC, Santa Fe (1 trainee), is a vertically integrated hemp company that farms their own hemp in Ribera, NM then transports it to their manufacturing facility in Santa Fe. Award Amount: $11,700; Average wage: $22.50

Kairos Power, LLC, Albuquerque (25 trainees), is focused on the development of a clean, innovative nuclear technology. The NM facility conducts non-nuclear technology testing. Over the next several years the company will create nearly 80 new jobs at their Albuquerque facility. Award Amount: $783,772; Average wage: $55.47

National Water Services, Inc., Santa Fe (4 trainees), manufactures, installs, and services FreshPure Waters™ purified water vending systems in 37 states nationally and in Canada. Award Amount $37,480; Average wage: $19.00

Ryan, LLC, Albuquerque (4 trainees and 1 paid intern), is an award-winning global tax services firm. The Albuquerque which focuses on further expanding Ryan’s Credits and Incentives Tax practice into the Mountain West States. Award Amount: $55,395; Average wage: $23.24 for trainees and $21.50 for the intern

Systems Integration, Inc. (SII), Albuquerque (2 trainees), is a provider of turnkey contact center and service desk solutions. Its contact center in Albuquerque was created to support a five-year service contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The contract requires 96 employees of which 21 additional employees have already been hired through JTIP. Award Amount: $26,000; Average wage: $25.00

Twistle, Inc., Albuquerque (11 trainees), was started with the goal of helping large healthcare systems and life sciences organizations provide more personalized care to their patients. This is the first JTIP application for Twistle. It plans to hire numerous positions over the next year. Award Amount: $215,377; Average wage: $35.73

ZebraWorks, Inc., Albuquerque (4 trainees), provides management software for law firms. This is the first JTIP application for ZebraWorks. Award Amount: $60,985; Average wage: $27.16

JTIP is one of the most generous training incentive programs in the country, reimbursing 50-75% of employee wages for classroom and on-the-job training in for up to 6 months. The Legislature created JTIP, formerly known as the Industrial Development Training Program, or “in plant training,” in 1972. Since then, JTIP has supported more than 1,600 training projects and 47,000 new jobs.


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