NMED: Air Quality Bureau Regulatory And SIP Bulletin

NMED News:
Pursuant to the federal Data Requirements Rule for the 2010 1-hour Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) to submit an annual report regarding the SO2 emissions from the San Juan Generating Station.
The draft SO2 Emissions Annual Report for the San Juan Generating Station is available for public comment and can be found at https://www.env.nm.gov/air-quality/proposed-regs/.
Hard copies of this report are available at various offices in Santa Fe and San Juan County. Specific repositories for hard copies may be found in the Public Involvement Plan posted on the above web page, or call 505.476.4356 or email Cindy Hollenberg (cindy.hollenberg@state.nm.us) to request hard copies.
NMED will respond to any comments and then provide notice of the final availability of the report before submitting the report as final to the EPA. The comment period closes at 5 p.m., Friday, June 15, 2018. Comments postmarked on or before that date will be included in the administrative record.
Comments may be submitted by electronic mail to cindy.hollenberg@state.nm.usor may be mailed to:
Cindy Hollenberg
Air Quality Bureau
ATTN: San Juan Generating Station SO2 Annual Report
Non-English Language Speaker Assistance and Accommodations
If any person requires non-English Language Speaker Assistance, assistance for an interpreter or auxiliary aid (e.g., accommodations for persons who are disabled) to participate in review of this report, please contact the Project contact, Cindy Hollenberg, preferably by June 1, 2018. TDD or TTY users please access the numbers via the New Mexico Relay Network, 1.800.659.1779 (voice) or 1.800.659.8331 (TTY).
Por los habladores de Español
Si usted desea una copia de este aviso o el informe en español, comuníquese con Cindy Hollenberg electrónicamente, cindy.hollenberg@state.nm.us, o por teléfono, 505.476.4356.