NMDT-PC Presents ‘Dancers in Concert’ this Weekend

NMDT-PC dancers. Photo by Holger Waschinski

NMDT News:

New Mexico Dance Theater Performance Company (NMDT-PC), directed by Susan Baker-Dillingham, presents its February production, “Dancers in Concert,” this weekend at the Duane W. Smith Auditorium.

The NMDT-PC production of “Dancers in Concert” features three original ballets choreographed by Baker-Dillingham: “Hear, Speak, See,” “Pandora’s Box,” and “Cakewalk.”

Dancer Emily Brown. Photo by Holger Waschinski

“I choreographed ‘Hear, Speak, See’ several years ago and wanted to rework it,” Baker-Dillingham said. “The dance is based on the physical gestures of ‘hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil,’ and is an exploration of the strengths of a woman wishing to leave a legacy behind as she moves forward through life. She opens the ears, mouths, and eyes of those she is leaving behind in hopes of guiding them toward an easier path than the one she traveled.”

“Pandora’s Box,” begins with the goddesses Athena and Aphrodite bringing Pandora to life. Pandora’s curiosity gets the better of her, and she opens the box she received as a wedding gift from the god Zeus.

 The box reveals many ugly specters such as Vanity, Wrath, Insanity, Greed, Injustice, Violence, Poverty, Disease, and Death. When Pandora believes she can take no more, Hope rises from the box, and Pandora, realizing she is responsible for releasing all the pain and suffering into the world, also realizes that she has allowed Hope to follow.

The vivacious “Cakewalk,” serves as the finale of the evening and features a hilarious cast of characters. “Like an old time variety show, ‘Cakewalk’ is nonstop fun,” Baker-Dillingham said.

If you have enjoyed previous NMDT-PC productions such as: “Dracula,” “Snow White,” “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” “ Cinderella,” “The Sleeping Beauty,” “Alice,” “ Aladdin,” “A Christmas Carol” or “The Nutcracker,” “Dancers in Concert” will continue to foster your enthusiasm for NMDT-PC’s talent and artistry, Baker-Dillingham said.

Whether you are sighing in awe during “Hear, Speak, See,” walking through the rigors of life in “Pandora’s Box,” or laughing out loud during “Cakewalk,” the NMDT-PC production of “Dancers In Concert” is bound to have you emotionally engaged, intrigued and inspired.

Dancer Rebecca Cai. Photo by Holger Waschinski

Graduating seniors Sabrina Lynne and McKenna Schoonover will be featured during the performance.

They will be joined by 24 other cast members, including Jordan Baker, Louisa Belian, Emily Brown, Melina Burnside, Rebecca Cai, Rose Click, Jaime Cull-Host, Sarah Dale, Akane Dunn, Nicole Graham, Gayle Gray, Megan Hemphill, Sophia Jeffery, Nora Lamartine, Thomas Lujan, Alec Pitcher, Louis MacInnes, Renee MacInnes, Devon McCleskey, Taylor Ortega, Lindsay Roach, Annie Smith, Sabio Thompson and Angela Workman.

“Dancers in Concert” will be performed at the Duane W. Smith Auditorium at 7:30 p.m Friday, Feb. 15: 7:30 p.m Saturday Feb. 16; and 2 p.m. Sunday Feb. 17.

Tickets are available in advance at Uli’s Cottontails or at the door 45 minutes before performance times. Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for students and seniors, and free for children four and under.

The School of NMDT is located in the heart of downtown Los Alamos at 147 and 149 Central Park Square. Call 505-920-9134 or visit www.NMDT.org for more information.


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