NMCD Blood Drive Draws Donors From Across State

An officer participates in the statewide blood drive. Courtesy/NMCD

NMCD News:

The New Mexico Corrections Department, after hearing about a very serious wreck involving a State Police officer, spearheaded a campaign to raise awareness and ENDWI. Wednesday marked the first annual blood drive to ENDWI, with great results.

Thanks to statewide participation from partners in law enforcement, including the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association, New Mexico State Police, Albuquerque Fire Department, 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office, United Blood Services and Target, the drive will benefit upwards of 100 people needing blood in New Mexico.

The Corrections Department thanks members of the community who drove and participated in the event and Rep. Jim Smith who heard about the campaign and donated blood.

“I am so proud to see our officers, with the help of our partners in law enforcement, stepping up and saying enough is enough,” Secretary of Corrections Gregg Marcantel said. “This is a war we are fighting and when you are committed to a cause, you are willing to shed your blood for that cause. To see so many people roll up their sleeves and physically commit to stopping drunk driving, it was really heartwarming and empowering.”

There are currently about 500 people serving in a New Mexico prison for a DWI conviction. Ninety-eight of those either killed or severely injured someone.