NMAA Recognizes Athletes With ‘Compete With Class’ Award For Exhibiting Respect, Integrity, Responsibility

NMAA News:
ALBUQUERQUE  The New Mexico Activities Association is proud to announce that the Cibola Girls Basketball Team and Enrique Armijo of Cleveland High School have been recognized as the Compete with Class award recipients for the month of January 2017.
A social media post from Steve Barela explained the sportsmanship act by the Cibola girl’s junior varsity team during a game against Rio Grande.
Barela explains, “A really great act of sportsmanship happened at Rio Grande High School during the junior varsity game against Cibola. Cibola was up 27 points with a minute left in the game when the Ravens put in Anjonette Diaz, a special needs player, who seldom receives playing time. The Cibola girls rebounded the ball several times under the Rio Grande basket and fed the ball back to Anjonette until she scored. When the ball went through the basket, the gym erupted. Great display of sportsmanship. It was beautiful to see.”
In an email sent to the NMAA by Clark Snow, an Eldorado Eagle parent, he told a story of Enrique Armijo’s selfless act during a C-Team featuring Cleveland and Eldorado.
“I just returned from watching Eldorado play the Cleveland C-Team.  It was a close and very competitively played game between two great teams. During one particular play, both an Eldorado and Cleveland player went for the ball and it went out of the bounds. The referees were unable to tell who last touched the ball and while they were huddled, the Cleveland player (Enrique Armijo) who was involved in the play told the referees that he touched it last. I wanted to tell the young man directly how impressed I was with his character but the team quickly went into the locker room after the game. So, I am asking you to please compliment this young man for his example of sportsmanship. My 7-year-old son was in attendance with me, and I made it a point to highlight Enrique’s behavior and encouraged him to follow his example if he ever finds himself in the same situation. Enrique represented everything that I love about youth sports.” 
Sportsmanship is defined by the NMAA as the act of treating others in a respectful manner, taking personal accountability for one’s actions, and responding with integrity while engaged in competition.
The NMAA would like to thank and recognize the Lady Cougars and Armijo for setting a great example for the state of New Mexico.
Their acts of sportsmanship exemplify the true ideals of the Compete with Class Sportsmanship Initiative – respect, integrity, and responsibility. More information regarding the “Compete with Class” sportsmanship initiative can be found on the NMAA website at www.nmact.org.
Note that the NMAA will announce a monthly honoree throughout the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year. Questions regarding this announcement can be directed to Dusty Young, NMAA Associate Director, at (505).977.5385.