News Alert: Police Caution Community To Increase In Vehicle Theft And Auto Burglaries

LAPD News:

The Los Alamos Police Department has seen an increase in motor vehicle thefts and automobile burglaries in the past few weeks. 

Five cases of motor vehicle theft/embezzlement have been reported thus far in 2016, three of which occurred in the last two weeks. All of these stolen vehicles have been recovered.

Seven auto-burglaries/breaking and entering cases also have been reported in 2016, three of which were reported in the last seven days. These case have occurred in both Los Alamos and White Rock.

“One arrest has been made as a result of a Los Alamos motor vehicle theft and charges are pending on potentially two additional suspects for similar cases. The Los Alamos patrol division and investigations section are working with other agencies to apprehend these suspects.” Cmdr. Oliver Morris said.

Most of these cases are opportunistic and some proactive measures can be taken to help citizens and visitors from being the victim of a crime.

Always lock your vehicle and remove any alluring contents from the vehicle entirely or from sight. Do not leave your keys inside the vehicle. Remove loose change from your vehicle and do not keep a garage door opener in your vehicle if it is parked outside your garage. 

The same information above applies when parking your vehicle at trailheads. Los Alamos has many parking areas adjacent to hiking trails. Criminals target these areas because they know you will be away from your vehicle for longer periods. Parking in well-lit areas at night or in highly visible areas anytime of day is also beneficial.

One of the reasons criminals choose to steal a car in today’s society is to use that vehicle for a short time to commit other types of crimes in our community and neighboring communities. The Los Alamos Police Department is asking citizens to report stolen vehicles immediately. Keep back-up information on all your vehicles, trailers, etc. on hand in case theft.

LAPD is offering a reward of up to $250 to anyone who has information relating to these crimes that results in the apprehension of a suspect. Anyone with information can call L.A. crime stoppers at 505.662.8282.