Newnam Best Predictor In This Week’s Pace Race

ACRR News:
Almost 40 runners and walkers took to one, two, three or four mile pace race courses on Barranca Mesa. All finishers were treated to cool watermelon and cold grapes.
In the one mile course around Navajo, Los Pueblos and Barranca Roads, Brian Newnam had the best prediction, only 1 second off his prediction for an adjusted delta of 3 seconds off.
Other good predictors were Katie Gattiker with an adjusted delta of 21 seconds, Diego Leonard with an adjusted delta of 39 seconds, Kieran Gattiker with an adjusted delta of 42 seconds, and Leeza Trudolyubov with an adjusted delta of 54 seconds.
In the three mile road course around Navajo, down almost to the end of Los Pueblos and back around Barranca Road, Beth Davenport had the best prediction of 111 seconds off of her prediction.
The two mile trail course went out on to the Deer Trap Mesa trail, taking the north folk for an out and back run (or hike) and the 4.1 mile course followed the loop trail Craig Martin and the Youth Conservation Corps established a few years ago. The tips of three mesas were reached for some great views. On the two mile course, Roxana Candia was the best predictor at 171 seconds off her prediction followed by Adrian Medin at 173 seconds off his prediction. On the four (4.1) mile course, Aaron Jackson was off his prediction by 22 seconds, Ted Romero was off by 24 seconds, and Ryan Smeltzer (who was the first finisher on the 4 mile course) was off by 59 seconds.
Predictions were hard make on the trail runs but, unlike the past few years for this course, it did not rain on Tuesday so the trail markings were easy to follow so none of the runners took alternate paths.
Next Tuesday is the 4th of July Holiday and there will be no pace race so support the local YMCA 5K Race or the TCR Freedom Run 5K in Albuquerque if you so prefer. The Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 pace race begins at 6 p.m. at the junction of 15th and Canyon drive. A one mile paved course and three mile trail course out to Graduation Flats will be available.
Please call 672.1639 or visit the Club’s website at for more information.