NewMexicoKidsCAN Responds To Deadline For School Turnaround Plans

NewMexicoKidsCAN News:
ALBUQUERQUE  Wednesday is the deadline for Albuquerque and Dulce public school districts to submit their second-round school turnaround proposals to the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) with detailed plans for improving student learning at a total of four schools, serving 1,300 of the youngest learners, that have earned Fs from the state since at least 2013.
NMPED denied initial proposals from the districts in March because they weren’t urgent or strong enough. Now they will make a final verdict on whether the districts improved their plans dramatically enough for approval.
Amanda Aragon, founder and executive director of NewMexicoKidsCAN: The New Mexico Campaign for Achievement Now, has issued the following statement with regard in light of the review process:

“Whatever you do, please don’t let our schools keep failing our students:  that’s my urgent message to the New Mexico Public Education Department. We can’t afford anything less than real transformation in these four public schools.

With so much at stake–from the trajectory of our kids’ lives to the future of New Mexico’s economy–I implore Sec. Ruszkowski and the NMPED to remain steadfast in their high standards for school turnaround strategies. Their decision in coming weeks will set a groundbreaking precedent: whether or not we allow failure to continue, what we expect from our public schools and how we intervene and support when expectations aren’t met.

I hope both districts were able to thoughtfully and completely reinvent their plans in the course of three weeks. If they weren’t, the NMPED must say so and take immediate, bold action because our kids don’t have time to wait.

Albuquerque and Dulce may get a second bite of the apple, but our kids will not. What they learn in elementary school, they learn. What they don’t, they don’t. Now’s the chance for our community to ask ourselves how seriously we take the cornerstone years of education.”
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