Newly Elected Council Leadership Shares Vision

Council Chair David Izraelevitz

Los Alamos Daily Post

At its regular meeting Tuesday evening in Council Chambers, the Los Alamos County Council voted 5-1 to re-elect David Izraelevitz chair and elect Councilor Chris Chandler vice chair. Chandler replaces Susan O’Leary who did not seek re-election and was not at the meeting. Councilor James Chrobocinski cast a vote for Antonio Maggiore for chair and Pete Sheehey for vice chair.

Council Vice Chair Chris Chandler

Izraelevitz thanked his fellow councilors for re-electing him and shared his vision for 2018.

“I see 2018 presenting several challenges and opportunities to our Council and I will endeavor to facilitate its productivity. With the housing projects in White Rock, near the Medical Center, and after Tuesday night’s approval, workforce housing on DP Road, I look forward to making progress in addressing our housing issues,” Izraelevitz said. “In addition, next year will see several projects that will enhance recreational amenities in town. We will, of course, follow closely activities related to the new M&O contract at LANL, and developing a good working relationship with the new contractor will be a priority. It has been an honor to serve as Council chair this past year, and I am appreciative of the opportunity to serve again. Councilor Chandler and I have worked closely both on Council and on previous community projects and I very much look forward to her support, advice, and dedication as Council vice chair.”

Chandler expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to serve as vice chair and discussed her thoughts for the future.

“I am honored to be selected vice chair and look forward to working with Chair Izraelevitz,” Chandler said. “David and I have developed a good working relationship over the course of the last year, and I feel that we will make a good team.  I think that it’s important for Council leadership to advance Council goals and objectives as well as to ensure that each councilor has a fair opportunity to advocate for his or her policy objectives and projects. I am committed to these principles.”

Chandler explained that the County has made inroads in improving the availability of housing choices with a number of projects in process. 

“I am particularly pleased that with Tuesday night’s action we may soon see an affordable apartment housing complex near the downtown,” she said. “The single-family housing project in White Rock will bring another 200 plus homes into the market.”

Chandler added that the council’s focus will continue to be on improving housing options for families and seniors. 

“The recently approved recreational capital projects will also be priorities over the course of the next few years,” she said. “The demographic of the town is changing – many young families are moving here as the Laboratory is replacing its retiring workforce and bringing in new programs. It is important for us to continue to make Los Alamos a desirable place for families to live. We have a bright future.”

Council Rules adopted Nov. 28, 2017 state that, “The Council shall elect a chair and a vice chair from among its members at its first regular meeting after Jan. 1 of each year.”

The Rules give further guidance on the responsibilities of these positions, which include:

  • Presiding at official meetings;
  • Acting as the official spokesperson;
  • Keeping Councilors informed of events, meetings and other occasions;
  • Ensuring that Councilors are informed of significant communications directed to the chair;
  • Providing an annual State of the County message; and
  • Working on the development of the meeting agendas.

Past practice has been to put this item of election of the chair and vice chair at the beginning of the first meeting in January. The chair from the past year will preside over the election for both the new chair and the vice chair taking nominations, then comments from councilors and calling for the roll call vote for each office. Once the election for both positions is accomplished, the new chair will then preside over the remainder of the meeting.