New Year … Big Changes For Cottonwood On The Greens

Cottonwood on the Greens owners Pawel and Darota Listwan, center, with their Executive Chef Levi Guarello and his wife Laura Rodriguez who is a line cook at the restaurant. Photo by Jennifer Bartram


Los Alamos Daily Post

Restaurateurs Pawel and Darota Listwan and former partners Patrick Mockler-Wood and his mother Catherine Mockler have ended their partnership and divided up their two local eateries.

The foursome came together to open the Pajarito Brewpub in November 2012. They went on to open Cottonwood on the Greens in April 2014.

By mutual agreement of the four owners and effective Dec. 28, 2016, Cottonwood on the Greens at the Los Alamos Golf Course is now solely owned by the Listwans and the Pajarito Brewpub in the Mari Mac Shopping Center is owned by Mockler-Wood and Mockler.

“Dividing the restaurants gives each of us the ability to concentrate and put our full attention on our own restaurant,” Pawel told the Los Alamos Daily Post.

Darota also is excited to focus her attention on one operation.

“Customer satisfaction and employee happiness is my number one priority and if they aren’t happy … then I’m not happy,” she said. “So having one restaurant gives me a greater opportunity to really focus my attention in this area.”

The Listwans have big plans, saying now they will collaborate even greater with the County to enhance “this already fantastic restaurant.”

They said that they realize Cottonwood on the Greens is the only eatery in town that can offer a restaurant, bar, catering of events and food onsite for golf tournaments.

While the Listwans will be working extensively on a brand new menu, they see tremendous potential in catering opportunities by utilizing the 2,000-square-foot community room adjacent to their restaurant.

“Over the past year we have hosted about 100 events including many weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, Lab meetings, celebrations of life (many times with short notice), holiday meals and golf tournaments,” Pawel said. “This is the only place in Los Alamos that offers food and beverage catering under one roof for all types of events and all with spectacular views.”

The Listwans announced the addition of Chef Levi Guarello who worked at both eateries and who will now be the executive chef at Cottonwood on the Greens exclusively. His wife Laura Rodriguez is a line cook and is joining her husband in working for the Listwans as well.

“They make such a good team and they are like family, we are thrilled to have them,” Pawel said.

Pawel hopes with their growing clientele that more people call in to make reservations, especially for special occasions and holidays because they sometimes sell out.

“We hate to turn people away,” he said. Pawel added that gift cards are available and said he has received calls for gift cards from people in New York, Arizona and other states who want to give them to friends and relatives living in Los Alamos.

Cottonwood on the Greens is open all day seven days a week for breakfast lunch and dinner. Winter hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The restaurant’s website is updated with the latest information at