New Taos Pueblo Gallery Opens At MRM

Juan Mirabal (Taos Pueblo), North Side, Taos Pueblo, 1960, painting on board. Gift/Brad & Fran Taylor. Courtesy/MRM 

MRM News:

Honoring Native American Heritage Month, the Taos Pueblo Gallery opened Saturday, Nov. 20 as a semi-permanent exhibition at the MRM.

It highlights the cultural lifeways and artistic achievements of the people of Taos Pueblo or Tuah Ah, the Place of Red Willows.

The exhibition represents an ongoing partnership between Taos Pueblo Tourism and the Museum, who collaborate on the Taos Pueblo Artists Winter Showcase that takes place each March.

Artworks by Angie Yazzie, Sharon Dryflower Reyna, Albert Looking Elk Martinez and Juan Mirabal are  now on view. 

Sharon Dryflower Reyna (Taos Pueblo), Woman Figurine, 2001, micaceous clay. Gift/Paul Peralta-Ramos. Courtesy/MRM

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