New Solid Waste and Recycling Fees in Los Alamos County


On Aug. 27, Los Alamos County Council passed new rates for the Environmental Services Division. The approved new rates will go into effect Sept. 30.

These new rates will adjust a variety of fees currently charged at the Los Alamos County Eco Station and fees charged for roll-off services. The changes will not impact monthly residential solid waste fees or commercial dumpster fees. 

The new rates will serve as a tool to assist in the creation of a more sustainable community. The County has eliminated the tipping fee for cardboard and metal, drastically reduced the tipping fee on concrete and created a new reduced tipping fee for clean urban wood waste. Also, metal, cardboard and mixed recycling have been added to the list of materials residents can bring into the Eco Station without getting charged one of their 12 free loads. Thereby, creating a financial incentive for local contractors, businesses and residents to segregate their waste streams to reuse and recycle as much material as possible.

Fees at the Los Alamos County Eco Station were last adjusted in 2006. Since 2006, significant changes have occurred in the area of solid waste in Los Alamos County including the closure of the County landfill and construction of a waste transfer station. Currently all municipal solid waste generated in Los Alamos County is sent around 100 miles one way to landfills in Rio Rancho and Los Lunas for disposal. Over time the cost for transferring and disposing of this waste has increased, resulting in the need for the County to increase tipping fees for the disposal of solid waste to cover costs.

The table below provides a comprehensive review of the rate changes that will go into effect Sept. 30. If you have any questions regarding these new rates, please feel free to contact Los Alamos County Environmental Services at 505-662-8163.   

Roll-off Service Charges

On-call service, plus tip fee



Set-up, per event



Roll-off box rental, per roll-off box per month



Solid Waste Facility Tip Fees

Mixed Municipal solid waste, per ton



Clean urban wood waste – loads containing 100 percent clean urban wood waste, must be free of foreign material including plastic bags, per ton



Concrete/asphalt per project – loads containing 100 percent concrete and asphalt, per ton

$29.50/ton for 0 to 400 tons

$10.00/ton for greater than 400 to 1,000 tons

$5.00/ton for greater than 1,000 tons


Cardboard – loads containing 100 percent cardboard, must be free of foreign material including plastic bags and Styrofoam, per ton



Metal – loads containing 100 percent metal, per ton



Clean dirt, per ton (not currently accepting dirt)


$5.00 (not currently accepting)

Minimum tip fee, per load



Oversized tires – Commercial customers for tires larger than 23.5 in. x 25 in., per tire



Tire on rim, all sizes – Commercial customers, additional fee per tire



Special Service Charges

Compost – purchase by commercial customer, per ton


$28.00 for screened compost

$22.00 for unscreened compost

Other waste, handling and disposal


County contract cost plus 10% administrative fee

Certified vehicle weight



All other fees are unchanged.


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