New Online Resources Helps Parents Boost Student Literacy Skills

Gov. Susana Martinez


SANTA FE– Gov. Susana Martinez has announced new resources to help parents reinforce strong literacy skills with their children. The “New Mexico Reads to Lead!” website,, includes monthly calendars with daily reading activities, recommended reading lists for every grade level and many other resources available in English, Spanish and Diné. Parents and educators can also utilize the website to create school-wide reading events titled “Readers Raise the Roof.”

“A strong partnership between a student’s parents and their teachers results in success,” Martinez said. “We want parents to have every resource possible to help their children continue to learn after they’ve come home from school each day. Engaged parents can support the work of teachers and make a critical difference when it comes to the reading proficiency of their children. The ‘New Mexico Reads to Lead!’ website provides numerous helpful resources as parents look for ways to teach their children to read.”

PED Secretary Hanna Skandera

The “New Mexico Reads to Lead!” website can help children from the earliest age all the way through high school. In addition, the 90-minute “Readers Raise the Roof!” events take place after school and helps families set literacy goals to support reading at home. The “New Mexico Reads to Lead!” website gathers together the best online resources from across the nation and delivers the tools parents and families need to work with their children both before and after they enter school.

“Giving parents and families the tools they need to help their children is a key step to excellent student achievement,” PED Secretary Hanna Skandera said. “Parents can use the free resources on the ‘New Mexico Reads to Lead!’ website to work with their children every day and set them up for success.”

The most recent statewide student achievement data shows only half of New Mexico’s students are reading at grade level. Less than 50 percent of the state’s Hispanic students and less than 35 percent of American Indian students are reading on grade level. The “New Mexico Reads to Lead!” website is designed to address these deficiencies by providing  parents, students, families and educators with resources to help children acquire the strong foundation in literacy needed to ensure success in their education and career.

The “New Mexico Reads to Lead!” website can be found at:

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