New Mom On The Block: Los Alamos Offers Venues For Children’s Birthday Parties

Katharine Coggeshall
Los Alamos

Your child’s birthday is the single most important day of the year to them. And although they may imagine a pop-up amusement park in your backyard with a personal stage for Taylor Swift to perform, your wallet may be wondering what other party options are available in Los Alamos.

With my son’s eighth birthday looming, the pressure is on to discover the best local party venues for kids. The balance between cost and childhood expectations is at the forefront of my mind, but I have managed to identify a number of candidate venues.

Los Alamos Birthday Party Venues

Aquatic Center Swim Party: The epidemy of summer birthday satisfaction, a pool party at the aquatic center is a perfect venue. Of course, this option may be best for older kids who can swim well.

Reel Deal Movie Party: You can actually rent the theater! And, to make the experience more authentic, the concession stand can be open just for your party. A private movie, popcorn, and friends make for an awesome birthday.

Miniature Golf Party: Here’s a creative and inexpensive venue option—the mini golf park (across from the animal shelter). You can rent putters and balls at the aquatic center ($2 each) and enjoy a fun-filled party at the park. If the kids get tired of mini golf, they can play at the playground, enjoy a game of tag in the field, or eat some party food at the picnic tables.

Kids Guided Painting Party: Have you ever heard of the Los Alamos Canvas events? Encompassing Paint Night, private painting events for adults, and birthday painting parties for kids, this on-the-move art experience is run by (local) professional artist Susanne Harrison. If your child enjoys art, this is the party venue of your dreams—your kid has fun, makes a mess, and you don’t have to clean it.

PEEC Nature Center Party: The nature center offers an excellent indoor venue, meaning the party goes on regardless of the weather. The kids can make use of the center’s large back room, playful educational area, and engaging viewing room.

YMCA Rock Climbing Party: The Y is always a great place for kids to burn off energy, and this party option is no exception. They offer an extensive rock wall that caters to all ability levels.

Los Alamos Makers Science Party: This is a new discovery for me and I haven’t had much experience with them yet, but it sounds pretty interesting. The Los Alamos Makers offers a fun, hands-on approach with a learning and science theme. If you and your kids enjoy science, this is an excellent forum that can be translated into a birthday party as well.

High Flyers Gymnastics Party: If your child likes gymnastics, this party might be perfect. All the kids can get out their crazies while bouncing, rolling, and tumbling.

Los Alamos School of Gymnastics: See for more information.

Ice Rink Party: Allow me to point out the obvious, this option is only available in the winter. But if you have a child with a birthday in the December to February range, renting out the ice rink for a party is pretty epic. You don’t have to worry about the kids with little skating experience because the rink offers assistive devices. All of the kids will be able to burn off the birthday cake sugar rush.

Your Home: Let me point out some positives to this situation, you don’t have to schedule in advance, weather should not be an issue, and it’s free. As for the kids, they will have a great time with a little music. Adding a piñata, water balloons, bouncy house, trampoline, or scavenger hunt is also fun.

Los Alamos may be a small community but we are lucky to have so many birthday party options for our kids.

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