New Mexico’s DHS And DPS On ‘At Risk List’

State Auditor Tim Keller
SANTA FE  State Auditor Tim Keller announced the annual list of New Mexico’s state and local governments that are considered “At Risk” based on the latest audit cycle.

The FY15 “At Risk List” contains 56 entities that have not submitted their audits by the deadline, including:

  • Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management;
  • Department of Public Safety;
  • Martin Luther King. Jr. Commission;
  • City of Española;
  • City of Carlsbad;
  • County of Cibola;
  • County of Harding;
  • Town of Estancia; and
  • Lordsburg Municipal Schools.
These entities are on the “At Risk List” for receiving “Disclaimer” audit opinions, meaning that possible financial misstatements could be both material and pervasive.
Since 2009, government agencies have been placed on the list if they fail to submit their annual audits. This year, entities will also be placed on the list if they receive audit opinions that indicate significant problems with their financial statements. If public funds are not audited, the risks of fraud, waste and abuse increase.
“Our tax dollars are best protected when our state and local governments submit timely and accurate audits,” Keller said. “Audits are the most standardized and useful tool we have to reduce the chances that our public funds are misused. The ‘At Risk List’ helps policymakers and the public easily identify which entities are behind schedule or reporting financial information that isn’t cutting it.”   
The Office of the State Auditor compiles the list each January and updates it on a weekly basis, removing entities when they achieve compliance.
Read more at the “At Risk List” here.