New Mexico Volunteer Medical Teams In Ukraine Assisting Wounded Soldiers

Global Outreach Doctors News:

ALBUQUERQUE – New Mexico-based Global Outreach Doctors are providing medical and trauma stabilization services in Ukraine.

The team of 11 ambulances, medical personnel and staff are the only New Mexico-based providers in the region.

Stationed only 12km from the Russian border, the Global Outreach Doctors team has been on the ground in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, working around the clock to provide care for acutely wounded soldiers.

Global Outreach Doctors is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to stabilizing and saving lives.

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About Global Outreach Doctors:

Global Outreach Doctors is a Santa Fe, NM and Venice, CA based humanitarian organization of dedicated medical professionals providing international healthcare. The medical teams are comprised completely of volunteers and respond to worldwide disasters and refugee crises in Africa, Asia, North, South, and Central Americas and the Middle East, deploying canine search and rescue assets to enhance our success in locating survivors quickly.

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