New Mexico Vintage Fund Invests In Ganymede Games

Techstars Boulder Summer 2022 Cohort. Courtesy photo

Ganymede Games’ first video game release is ‘Xenotheria’, a story-driven, deckbuilding RPG. Embark on a perilous journey across a sprawling desert planet devastated by a cataclysmic event. A party of allies explore derelict spaceships, fight alien enemies, and uncover a sinister plot. Wishlist Xenotheria on Steam to be notified on launch. Courtesy photo


New Mexico Vintage Fund 2022, a partner fund of New Mexico Angels, just closed on a $100,000 investment in Las Cruces-based Ganymede Games. The fund invests in early-stage and high growth New Mexico companies.

“Ganymede Games is having extraordinary success in its capital raising efforts,” said Drew Tulchin, New Mexico Vintage Fund Managing Partner and President of New Mexico Angels. “In addition to our investment, Ganymede Games is planning on closing July with a total of $700,000 in investments.” 

“Building on our previous success, this round ushers in the next phase for Ganymede Games,” explained Jerry Prochazka, Ganymede Games CEO. “Our team is excited to deliver new games to a growing customer segment. Thanks to Drew and the whole team for their continued support!”

Ganymede Games also was selected to participate in the prestigious Techstars Boulder 2022 Summer Program. That program provides access to operators, venture capitalists, mentors and start-up thought leaders.

Ganymede currently employs seven full-time employees, and the investment influx is allowing them to add three more to the roster.


Ganymede Games is an independent games studio based in Las Cruces, NM. They create worlds that inspire exploration, adventures that spark curiosity, and unique game play. They craft experiences that can be shared in-game or outside of the games. The organization was founded by industry veterans that have worked together for decades. For more information go to 


New Mexico Vintage Fund (NMVF) invests in early-stage and high growth local companies, New Mexican entrepreneurs, and entities whose products and/or services can benefit our people. This generalist fund offers broad-based diversification by industry sector, company age and investing vehicle. It is a micro-fund just over $2 million with future Vintage Funds envisioned in the upcoming years. For more information go to

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