New Mexico Sheriffs Endorse Pearce For Governor

ALBUQUERQUE — Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero and 20 fellow New Mexico sheriffs announced their endorsement of Republican Steve Pearce for Governor of New Mexico.
The list of sheriffs endorsing Pearce includes five Democratic sheriffs and 16 Republican sheriffs from across the state.
“We are proud to endorse Steve Pearce for Governor, and encourage all New Mexicans who believe we can create a safe future for our state to support him in the November election. As the highest ranking law enforcement officials in our counties, Sheriffs are entrusted by the citizens of our communities to uphold and enforce the law, protect New Mexico families, and keep dangerous criminals off our street,” said Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace, (D-Cibola), chair of New Mexico Sheriffs for Pearce. “All of us all know that New Mexico has a serious crime problem. It will take a sustained and coordinated effort to stem the tide of violence, and that starts with leadership in the Governor’s office. In this election that leader is Steve Pearce. As Governor, he will be a partner in our efforts to keep New Mexico safe, setting the tone from the top that we will no longer accept the rising crime that threatens our families, economy, and our future as a state,”
“It’s an honor to be endorsed by this bipartisan group of New Mexico Sheriffs,” Pearce said. “As Governor, I will work closely with each of our Sheriffs to fix the crime problem that is holding New Mexico back. New Mexico families deserve to be safe in our communities. We will no longer tolerate the violent criminals who are running rampant in our state, and I look forward to working with Sheriffs across New Mexico to fix this critical problem.”
New Mexico Sheriffs Endorsing Steve Pearce for Governor:
Benny House (R – Otero)
Britt Snyder (R – Chaves)
Corey Helton (R – Lea)
Doug Wood (R – Sandoval)
Elva Harvey (D – De Baca)
Gary Gold (D – San Miguel)
Glenn Hamilton (R – Sierra)
Heath White (R – Torrance)
Ian Fletcher (R – Catron)
Ken Christesen (R – San Juan)
Louis Burkhard (R – Valencia)
Malin Parker (R – Roosevelt)
Marco Lucero (D – Los  Alamos)
Mark Cage (R – Eddy)
Mike Lucero (D – Guadalupe)
Rick Sinclair (R – Colfax)
Robert Shepperd (R – Lincoln)
Russell Shafer (R – Quay)
Tony Mace (D – Cibola)
Warren Walter (R – Hidalgo)
Wesley Waller (R – Curry)
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