New Mexico Human Resources System Upgrade Receives National Recognition

SANTA FE New Mexico Department of Information Technology (DoIT) has announced it has received the 2018 State IT Recognition Award for Business Process Innovations from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).
The award recognizes DoIT’s work to modernize the Statewide Human Resources, Accounting and Reporting (SHARE) system.
“Under the leadership of Governor Martinez, state government has continuously improved the way it operates in order to better serve the citizens of New Mexico,” DoIT Acting Secretary Estevan Lujan said. “The innovations that DoIT has driven through the SHARE upgrade have significantly improved state agencies’ ability to get work done in a timely and efficient manner, while providing increased transparency. We are very proud to be recognized for this achievement, and look forward to continuing to improve state government to better serving the people of New Mexico.”
DoIT began the complex two-part upgrade of the SHARE system in 2016 with a focus on engaging the more than 20,000 employees across state agencies throughout the process. In April 2017, DoIT completed the upgrade of the HR system; the upgrade of the Financials system was implemented in October 2017.
“With the successful upgrade, SHARE has increased transparency and accountability for state business operations by improving financial controls and automating processes to reduce paperwork, saving the state both time and money,” said Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) Secretary Duffy Rodriguez. “Now, the state’s accomplishments through the upgrade are being recognized on a national platform. I’m confident that this success is paving the way for future progress to make SHARE an even better tool for the state.”
NASCIO’s State IT Recognition Award honors the innovation and excellence in the use of information technology in state government. NASCIO received more than 120 submissions for the awards this year; DoIT was one of just ten winners selected through a highly respected peer-review process. Winners were announced at NASCIO’s Annual Conference in San Diego on Oct. 23.
The SHARE upgrade simplified business operations, enhanced efficiency, improved transparency, and strengthened state workers’ ability to provide the highest quality service to New Mexico citizens. These improvements in the business processes of the state lay a foundation for future progress for the way that state agencies operate. Along with representatives from across state agencies, DoIT looks forward to pursuing additional smart system enhancements and more training for SHARE system users.
Continuing the state’s success, New Mexico was also recognized by the influential Center for Digital Government, an organization that benchmarks state government use of digital technologies to improve service delivery, increase capacity, and reach policy goals. The Center highlighted New Mexico’s “exemplary work in support of Finance and Administration” with a “Top 5” award.