New Mexico House Of Representatives Passes SGR’s Bill To Open Combat Roles To Women In Military Service

Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard of Los Alamos


Bill Updates Outdated Policy

SANTA FE – Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos) presented a measure Thursday that updates an outdated policy and opens combat roles to women.

HB 209 ensures women have the same opportunities as men in the military by allowing appointment or voluntary enlistment of women to any military occupational specialty or career field of the branches and services of the state’s militia consistent with current Department of Defense policy. The bill passed by a 61-6 vote.

Women are already serving, fighting and dying for our country in the military. It is wrong to deny certain military positions to qualified women solely because of their gender,” Rep. Garcia Richard. I am pleased we took a step toward equality by allowing qualified women to compete for and serve in combat roles in our national guard.”

In 2016, the national Department of Defense lifted restrictions on combat positions for women.

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