New Mexico House Democratic Caucus Selects Leadership For 54th Legislature

New Mexico House Democrats News:

  • Democrats Bring Energy, Unity and Diversity to Lead in State House

SANTA FE – Members of the New Mexico House Democratic Caucus re-elected their leadership Saturday for the 54th Legislature, which will convene in January of 2019. The House Democrats leadership team is one the most diverse in the country, reflecting a diverse caucus that will now be at least 50 percent women.

House Democrats nominated Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) to again lead as Speaker of the House. Speaker Egolf is entering his sixth term in the New Mexico House of Representatives, and his tenure as Speaker has been hallmarked by a new tone of civility and bipartisanship in the House. Speaker Egolf has also served as House Minority Leader, and Chair of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

“I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to continue to lead our work in the House with the Senate and our incoming Democratic Governor, at a time that could be a turning point for our state,” said Rep. Egolf. “New Mexico is at a crossroads – and we have a chance for an education moonshot, creating needed jobs in our communities, and protecting our air, land and water. Together we can move our state forward.”

House Democrats re-elected Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Albuquerque) as House Majority Leader.  She is the first African American to serve as House Majority Leader in New Mexico. Rep. Williams Stapleton has served in the New Mexico House since 1995 and has previously served as House Majority Whip and House Minority Whip.

“I am honored to have been re-elected by the House Democratic Caucus as House Majority Leader,” said Rep. Williams Stapleton. “This is an exciting time for the people of New Mexico, and the House is strong and committed to creating meaningful solutions for our families, communities, and for all New Mexicans.”

Members of the House Democratic Caucus Re-elected Rep. Doreen Gallegos (D-Las Cruces) as House Majority Whip.  Rep. Gallegos has served in the New Mexico House since 2013.

“For the past two years, our House Majority has grown stronger and more united.  Now, with a new Governor, the possibilities to move our state forward are bright. I look forward to being a continued voice for our families and our communities, and I am humbled that our members have placed their confidence in me again,” said Rep. Gallegos. 

 Members of the House Democratic Caucus Re-elected Rep. D. Wonda Johnson (D-Gallup) as House Majority Caucus Chair.  Rep. Johnson was elected to the New Mexico House in 2014.

“As House Majority Caucus Chair, it’s been an honor to ensure every members’ voice has been heard and that we have held a high standard of respect and protocol in the House of Representatives.  I am looking forward to working with so many new members from all over New Mexico to ensure that we will lift New Mexico to greater heights of success,” said Rep. Johnson.

On November 6, voters expanded the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives to 46-24, pending the results of three House races subject to a mandatory recount.