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pG qE New Mexico Hikes And Outings For April 25 – June 30

New Mexico Hikes And Outings For April 25 – June 30


All Sierra Club outings are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. Participants must contact outings leader beforehand. For updates, see riograndesierraclub.org/.

Saturday, April 25: Strenuous loop hike to Yapashi Pueblo and Stone Lions in Bandelier. Starting at the visitors center, we will take the usual route to Yapashi and Stone Lions, but return via the Upper Alamo Canyon trail crossing and the Frijoles Rim trail. Early start. About 15 miles and 2,300-foot elevation gain. Larry, lorenz.hughes@gmail.com 505.913.0589

Sunday, April 26: Work trip cleaning up brushy vegetation along the short section of the old Chile Line Railroad at the foot of Buckman Road with Alan Hamilton. Enjoy the views of the Rio Grande and the newly cleaned-up Buckman-area landscape. Norma McCallan, 505.471.0005.

Sunday, April 26: Tour Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, Doña Ana Mountains. Explore East side of the Doña Ana Mountains, the smallest piece of the new Monument but one of the most spectacular. Moderate-difficulty hike on both off-trail and on-trail segments looking for great views. No more than 4 miles, 800-foot elevation gain. Sturdy hiking shoes, lots of water. Paul Pierce, 505.670.7653. 


Saturday, May 2: Easy hike to Glorieta Ghost Town, about 7 miles and 950-foot gain. Marcia Skillman, 505.699.3008, marciaskillman@.

Saturday, May 2: GPS class — Introduction to field use of a hand-held GPS; will cover basic navigation techniques, including use of trip computer, waypoints, saving routes and other navigation tools. Maximum participants 10; GPS units will be provided. Meet at 10 a.m. at Open Space Visitor Center parking lot, 6500 Coors Blvd. To reserve space, email John: gjuanito@hotmail.com. Provide email, cell and home phone.

Sunday, May 3: Easy hike along the route of the old Chile Line Railroad from Embudo station. About 5 miles. Alan Shapiro, 505.424.9242, Nm5s@yahoo.com

Sunday, May 3: Walk between the narrow tall canyon walls of Monticello Box and down the Alamosa Creek fed by the historic Warm Springs. The trees will be leafing out and spring migrating birds will be in among them. Wear shoes or rubber boots that can get fully soaked (not sandals; the gravel at stream bottom is too sharp.) The water is shallow; there is no avoiding wet feet. Bring binoculars, camera, sunscreen and lunch for a stroll down the stream about 2 miles and then 2 miles back out. Have dry shoes and socks for the drive home. Meet in Winston across from the store on Highway 52. High-clearance vehicles needed to reach the trail head. Space limited. Mary Katherine Ray at 575.772.5655.

Saturday, May 9: Easy hike around White Rock, 6.5 miles with great views, petroglyphs and a lava tube. Alan Shapiro, 505.424.9242, Nm5s@yahoo.com.

Saturday, May 9: South Peak strenuous hike up Embudito trail. Last part to summit steep and rocky. Total distance 11 miles, elevation gain 4,000 feet. Odile de la Beaujardiere, Odile.dlb@, 505.433.4692. Provide email, cell and home phone.

Saturday, May 9: Moderate hike on Frijoles Rim Trail in Bandelier, 9 miles, 1,200-foot gain. Good views and archaeological sites. Bring NPS pass if you have one. Daisy Levine, 505.466.8338.

Sunday, May 10: Moderate hike to Otowi Mesa near Los Alamos, 5 to 6 miles along mesa top, narrow at times. Some rock scrambling. 500 feet of elevation gain. Great 360-degree views. Michael Goldey, 505.820.7302, m.goldey@mindspring.

Wednesday, May 13: Second-Wednesday evening hike experiment continues. Moderate/strenuous hike with a reasonably fast pace. We’ll meet in town at 5 p.m. and be off the trail by dark (8:20 p.m.). Maybe Big T/FR 102 loop, but maximum of 6 miles and 1,100-foot gain. Two-three dogs OK. Tobin Oruch, 505.690.6253, tobin.oruch@yahoo.

Saturday, May 16: Strenuous hike to North Sandia Peak. Starting at Tunnel Spring trailhead, we will hike to North Sandia Peak via the Del Orno Trail (Tr. 130B) and North Crest Trail (Tr. 130). Our return will be via the 10K Trail (Tr. 200), Osha Loop Trail (Tr. 201), and Osha Spring Trail (Tr. 247). We will need to set up a short car shuttle before starting the hike. Early start. Two or three dogs OK. About 14 miles and 4,000-foot elevation gain. Larry, lorenz.hughes@gmail.com 505.913.0589.

Saturday, May 16: 9-11 a.m. Santa Fe River Cleanup. Meet at Closson Street Footbridge by 9 a.m. Bring work gloves. Rubber boots helpful if recent rains. Leader will supply trash bags. Contact leader if attending. Kathleen Davis, 505.795.3286, kdav40@gmail.com.

Sunday, May 17: Elena Gallegos easy walk in Elena Gallegos Park. Total distance 3.8 miles around a loop, can be interrupted at any time for shorter distance. Stay for picnic after the walk. Odile de la Beaujardiere, Odile.dlb@, 505.433.4692, provide email and cell and home phone.

Saturday, May 30: Easy to moderate loop hike with steep sections from Aspen Vista up to Carl’s Meadow, up to the ski lift and around back down to the road. Looks like about 3.5 miles and 1,100 feet of gain. Lisa Bowdey, 505.699.2953.

Saturday, May 30: Moderate to strenuous hike to Deception Peak 12,320 feet via Ravens Ridge. About 6 miles with 2,000-foot elevation gain. Dogs OK. Royal Drews 505.699.8713

Saturday, May 30: Strenuous hike to Caballo Peak, pending the outcome of a determined scouting excursion, or similar destination along the Valles Caldera rim. Strenuous in either case, especially if through areas burned by the Las Conchas fire. Michael Di Rosa, mddbbm@gmail, 505.667.0095 (weekdays), 505.231.9629 (evenings).


Saturday, June 6: Strenuous hike to South Sandia Peak. 9-mile round-trip route via the CCC trail makes it shorter, but steeper. Beautiful high meadows and great views. Alan Shapiro, 505.424.9242, Nm5s@yahoo.com

Saturday, June 6: Strenuous four-peak hike. Starting at Big Tesuque Campground, we will hike to Tesuque Peak, continue on to Deception, Lake, and Penitente. Return via Puerto Nambe and the Winsor trail. Early start. Two or three dogs OK. About 15 miles and 3,700-foot elevation gain. Larry, lorenz.hughes@gmail.com, 505.913.0589.

Sunday, June 7: Moderate hike to Cerro Grande overlooking the Valdes Caldera outside Los Alamos. About 4 miles, 1,300-foot elevation gain, 90-mile RT drive, Michael Goldey, 505.820.7302, m.goldey@mindspring.

Saturday, June 6:  Black Range-Gila Wilderness Loop on part of the Continental Divide Trail. Big Trees, wet canyon and native trout. Hiking the north end of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness from Turkey Run into Diamond Creek and back up to the Continental Divide Trail. All trail hiking. Approximately 1,500 feet of elevation gain. 9-10 miles. Very doable but strenuous, for strong hikers, with long daylight hours helping us. Please, no dogs. Lots of food and water needed. Call Paul Pierce for meeting time and place at 505.670.7653.

Wednesday, June 10: Moderate/strenuous hike with a reasonably fast pace. We’ll meet in town at 5 p.m., carpool if necessary, and be off the trail by dark (8:45 p.m.). Maybe Big T/Carl’s Meadow loop, but maximum of 6 miles and 1,100-foot gain. Two-three dogs OK. Tobin Oruch, 505.690.6253, tobin.oruch@yahoo.

Saturday, June 13-Monday, June 15: Colorado high without the newly legal stuff. Redcloud 14,034 feet and Sunshine 14,001 feet. About 12 miles with 4,800-foot elevation gain. Travel to via Lake City with possible return via Silverton. Royal Drews 505.699.8713.

Saturday, June 13: Easy hike to the eagle traps in Bandelier National Monument backcountry. About 4.5 miles round-trip offtrail as we locate two old Indian eagle traps. Alan Shapiro, 505.424.9242 Nm5s@yahoo.com.

Saturday, June 20: 9-11 a.m. Santa Fe River Cleanup. Meet at Closson Street Footbridge by 9 a.m. Bring work gloves. Rubber boots helpful if recent rains. Leader will supply trash bags. Contact leader if attending. Kathleen Davis, 505.795.3286, kdav40@gmail.com

Sunday, June 21, Moderate/strenuous hike from Jacks Creek to Dockweiler, 10 miles, 1,600-foot gain, with car-shuttle. Daisy Levine, 505.466.8338.

Saturday, June 27: Strenuous hike to North Truchas Peak by way of Rio San Leonardo and Lakes, a walk in greenery and blooming columbines before ascending “Sheep’s Head” ridge for a view of Hades below. About 11 miles total with a net climb of 4,000-plus feet, mostly off trail with scree scrambling. Michael Di Rosa, mddbbm@gmail, 505.667.0095 (weekdays), 505.231.9629 (evenings).