New Mexico Governor Reflects On Independence Day

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham

From the Office of the Governor:

SANTA FE – New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued the following statement today as New Mexico celebrates Independence Day:

“I don’t think any of us take our independence for granted after the last 16 months. The pandemic forced us all out of our normal habits, away from our loved ones, into a state of apprehension and unease. Although we have all begun to resume our lives, it’s important to stop and reflect today on how far we’ve come – and the sacrifices made to get here.

“Even in January, our ability to celebrate the Fourth of July – a day of celebration, freedom and family – was not guaranteed. Indeed, nothing is preordained. We made this day possible, together.

“We, as one state, made the right decisions, the tough decisions, and we looked out for one another; we protected our families and our neighbors, we sacrificed in countless ways – and the result is a Fourth of July celebration, in cities and counties and towns and villages all across our state, where families and communities can safely come together, can embrace one another, can begin to think about the future and the limitless freedom we enjoy, now and forever, as New Mexicans and Americans.

“Happy Independence Day to all New Mexicans. Please celebrate safely and joyfully.”

The governor marked the holiday by visiting businesses in Corrales and Bernalillo and is scheduled to attend a Fourth of July fireworks celebration in the capital city.

Note: The state of New Mexico reminds residents that serious drought conditions persist throughout much of the state and that irresponsible use of incendiary devices, like fireworks, can cause and contribute to wildfire danger.