New Mexico Federation Of Labor Responds To Supreme Court Ruling On Janus v. AFSCME

NMFL News:
ALBUQUERQUE The New Mexico Federation of Labor released the following statement:
A politically charged United States Supreme Court issued a five to four decision today in AFSCME v. Janus, holding that public sector union workers cannot be required to pay their fair share of Union dues for Union representation. Union employees in the public sector will still receive competent and professional union representation — the ruling just means that those employees who don’t want to pull their weight can make their fellow workers pay for their representation.
The New Mexico Federation of Labor is deeply disappointed that the United States Supreme Court would issue a decision designed to hurt workers’ ability to organize and bargain with their employers. The decision is deeply flawed; it is a political decision, which ignores long standing legal principles. We should all understand what this decision does — it reduces the ability of workers to stand together, to cooperate and unite with a common purpose to make their workplace better.
The New Mexico Federation of Labor stands with its public sector brothers and sisters and will work tirelessly to educate New Mexico Union employees about this direct attack. This is not the first time that mighty powers have tried to bring us down and we know what to do. We are strong and we will rise up.