New Mexico Environment Department Launches Monthly Enforcement Watch With Listing Of Active, Resolved Cases

NMED Secretary James Kenney

NMED News:

SANTA FE — The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) announces its inaugural monthly Enforcement WatchThe Enforcement Watch website is a listing of all active and resolved enforcement cases.

Active cases involve an alleged violation of a regulation, rule, permit, license, etc. Resolved cases are those that were adjudicated in court of law or administratively resolved.

The Enforcement Watch also provides tools to report tips and to learn more about EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online website. 

In the month of April, three new entries were added to this month’s Active Matters listing and one was moved to the Resolved Matters listing.

Additions to the report include: 

  1. Dan Dee Dairy in Dexter, NM for Notice of Violation from Ground Water Quality Bureau
  2. Oxy USA, Inc. near Magdalena, NM for Notice of Violation from Air Quality Bureau
  3. EOG Resources Inc. in Midland, Texas for Notice of Violation from Radiation Control Bureau

Case resolved in April: 

  1. Three Saints Street – Kinder Morgan near Anthony, NM for resolving a July 7, 2020 Notice of Violation from the Hazardous Waste Bureau

“The Enforcement Watch website provides New Mexicans with transparency of our enforcement efforts across the state to protect their health, safety and our environment,” NMED Secretary James Kenney said. “As we integrate the Enforcement Watch into department processes, expect to see more historic data and regular additions of new and resolved cases added to the list.”

The Enforcement Watch website was launched in January 2023 to provide the public, the business community, environmental nongovernment organizations and municipal governments with easy access to see which organizations the New Mexico Environment Department has alleged are in violation of regulations, permits, and/or licenses administered by the Department.

It is updated as new Notices of Violations are issued or past notices are resolved. Retrospective cases are added as staffing resources within programs allow. Importantly, organizations remain on the Enforcement Watch until the alleged violations are corrected to the satisfaction of the Department. The easiest way for an organization to avoid appearing on the Enforcement Watch is to stay off it in the first place by remaining in full compliance with applicable regulations.

NMED encourages organizations that are unclear of their regulatory responsibilities to contact a consultant and conduct a third-party compliance audit and disclose potential violations.

NMED provides detailed compliance metrics in the Compliance Measures section of the Quarterly Performance Report.

The full Enforcement Watch can be viewed at

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