New Mexico Dead Last in Internet Availability

Staff report

In an age where being connected and having access to information is critical to economic success, U.S. Census figures show that New Mexico is dead last when it comes to households having access to the Internet. 

The Census Bureau survey shows that only 64.1 percent of New Mexico households had high-speed internet access in 2010.

The average rate nationwide for Internet access is 71 percent. 

New Hampshire is number one with a rate of 86.2 percent. 

Even Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana have higher access rates than New Mexico.

Following New Hampshire, states in the top five include Utah, Washington, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Many states make heavy use of the Internet for education to the point of putting homework assignments online and expecting students to do research on the Internet. 

A lack of access could hinder New Mexico’s educational system as it attempts to compete with other states for an economically properous future.

Click here to see the U.S. Census data by state in Microsoft Excell format (.xls)

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