New Food Concept Opens In Los Alamos Today!

Sirphey is a new food-tech company opening today in Los Alamos and looking to revolutionize the way we think of restaurants. Courtesy photo


Burned out. Even our favorite meals from our favorite restaurants can sometimes strike us as dull and flat, or we find ourselves bemoaning the lack of variety in our food options. And often, we settle for something easy but uninspiring from the market.

Launching today, Sept. 15, Sirphey is a new food-tech company looking to solve this problem and to revolutionize the way we think of restaurants, in general. From their daily-changing, curated menu to their easy-to-use website, Sirphey brings authentic flavors from around the world to your fingertips.

And it’s incredibly easy:

  • Visit;
  • View the menu and make a selection; and
  • Choose a delivery/pickup time.

It’s that simple. The food, made fresh by professional chefs, each morning, will be chilled and either delivered right to your door or held for pickup at Sirphey’s Deacon Street location.

For the busy lunch crowd, Sirphey is providing fresh, hot takeout 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. For dinner, one has the option to pick a time slot during which chilled food will be delivered to one’s doorstep.
Aiming to not only provide convenience, variety, and affordability to its customers, the company seeks to “do things right” in all realms of the business – sourcing food from local farms whenever possible, using only sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, providing employees a living wage, and allocating a portion of its proceeds to local nonprofits.

Sirphey is the brainchild of local entrepreneur, Prashant Jain, and celebrity chef / restauranteur, Paddy Rawal. Jain has wanted to launch a similar concept for years, and after moving to Los Alamos for a postdoctoral fellowship, he fell in love with the town and knew it would be the perfect place to launch the company. And after Rawal joined the company, bringing years of experience from around the world, the two knew they simply had to move forward with Sirphey, a new concept that seamlessly blends food and technology.

For more information, visit the company’s website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).