New Exhibit At Mesa Public Library: Artist Livy Snyder

Courtesy photo
Los Alamos artist Livy Snyder is the featured artist of the new exhibit in the Upstairs Art Gallery at Mesa Public Library, which runs through Feb. 28.
The exhibit presents a series of documentary photography that serves as evidence for the essay Form, Content, Style written by art historian Ernst Gombrich (1968), discussing the evolution of aesthetics through sociology.
As stated in the essay, “The distinctive way an act is performed or an artifact made is likely to remain constant as long as it meets the needs of the social group. Two main forces will make for change: technological improvements and social rivalry.“
The focus of the artwork lies in the aspect of social rivalry and provides support to this conclusion in a contemporary setting. The photographs are from various local and international locations and serve to demonstrate the evolving aesthetic of buildings by means of mark making, such as graffiti and street art, but have been covered over by public regulation.
This concept allows insight to the power of authority and its influence on aesthetics as well as the rebellious nature of choosing one. By documenting these walls and studying Gombrich’s essay people can start to identify and understand the current state of aesthetics in everyday settings and personal lifestyle choices.
Snyder grew up in Los Alamos and now is a Denver-based artist completing a Bachelor’s degree in Painting/Photography as well as Art History. She brings a fresh eye as she creates conceptual works rooted in literature and ethics.
The Upstairs Art Gallery at Mesa Public Library hosts shows by local and regional artists, as well as travelling exhibits, 10 to 12 times each year. Snyder’s exhibit will be followed by the annual All Schools Art Show in March, the annual Los Alamos Photography Club show in April and an exhibit of “Odd Birds” by Los Alamos artist Heather Ward in May.
For more information about showing work in the Upstairs Art Gallery, contact Katy Korkos at 505.662.8247. For more information about library events, visit the Events page at